A Smartphone-Free Childhood

A Smartphone-Free Childhood Read More The campaign for a #smartphonefreechildhood has truly captured the public’s attention. Children’s use of screens, social media etc is a topic that I’ve been increasingly

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Top tips for making surveys work for you

With tools such as Survey Monkey and Google Forms, it can be easy enough for people to bash out a quick survey to test opinion and gain insight and why not? It’s always good to engage with your stakeholders… isn’t it?

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Why diversity and inclusion matter

Diversity and Inclusion have been hot topics in almost every discussion around new brands, content, or products recently.

Here are some tips on what to do and pitfalls to avoid as we all strive towards a more inclusive, accepting world.

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How to protect yourself from counterfeit toys and goods

In the haste to chase that must-have toy, or get the shopping done quickly with a few clicks on your phone – consumers might be just one click away from a very risky purchase. At best placing an order never to see their goods, or at worse ending up with an unsafe and very questionable counterfeit product.

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