How FUNdamentally Children
works with Inventors

nventors are the lifeblood of the children’s industry. Whether you are a new face, designing your first ever toy, licensed product, or nursery product for your own start-up business; or you are an established inventor, who works with larger toy companies to provide them with new ideas, you are  a huge part of the decision making process in the direction in which our industry goes. At Fundamentally Children, we love working with inventors to turn their dreams and ideas into commercially viable products on shelves.

We already have a large portfolio of work with all kinds of inventors, from new to established faces; start-ups to multinationals. 

When working with inventors, we want to make sure that we can add value to your product, fine-tune any potential issues, and help you to launch the best product you possibly can, so we have a menu of services available to you throughout the process:

Understanding your audience

Knowing what your target consumer is into, what they are buying, playing with, watching, and doing in their spare time, will give you the knowledge you need to make sure your product hits the mark with them. Our expert research team can carry out topline or more in-depth research to give you a true insight into what makes the children you are looking to reach, tick.

Measuring the Market

Also at the concept stage, it can be really valuable to have a comprehensive view of the market, to find out who your competitors are, what products they are offering, and how those lines are selling. These stats will help you to ensure you are carving your own niche in the market, making a product that will stand out from the rest.

Prototype Testing

Once you have your prototype ready, we can put it into the hands of your target audience, and not only give you their feedback, but also the observations of our experts. We can tell you how they are playing, reacting and enjoying the product, and also what key skills are being developed during that play. We can then offer advice on what needs to be tweaked or updated, or even elements that should be removed, to give you the best version to go to the factory with.

Expert Endorsement

Once that final shiny product is ready to sell, it’s invaluable to have trusted expert reviews to give consumers the confidence to buy. Our evaluation and accreditation services via the Good Toy and Good App Guides, can help you to leverage your brand to consumers. Research has shown that consumers are 20% more likely to buy a product displaying the Good Toy Guide stamp. The stamp can then be used on a wide variety of marketing and will be promoted on our own channels to help you get the traction you need. 

Having supported you throughout the design and manufacture process, we won’t leave you to fly solo now. Our team has a huge range of marketing plans throughout the year to help promote your products, from in-store play days to shared advertising, to the Good Toy Zone and experiential marketing, there is a campaign to suit your needs and budget.

Bespoke Offering

Aside from the services outlined above, we are always happy to discuss your needs and suggest bespoke provisions to help you create that product to rival all others. Our expertise, knowledge and experience of child development, play and parenting put us in the perfect situation to advise, guide and support you and your needs.

To find out how our research, consultancy, and training services can help you develop quality toys with great play value, get in touch with the team today.