Getting your products to stand out in a tough retail environment

What makes a product stand out to consumers? 


  • Does the answer differ depending on the product type or retail platform?  – Different products do well online compared with those that fly when demonstrated. 
  • It also depends on who is making the purchasing decision – is it a pester power toy or something parents will need to approve?


So how do you stand out against your competitors and increase your market share?

Here are some top tips from our experts who have been helping companies gain a competitive advantage for nearly 20 years.


Make good products!

Sounds simple but making sure your product development includes user testing at the right points in the process and a clear understanding of who the product is being made for isn’t as common as you think!


Ensure your communications are clear and evidence-based 

You’ll end up red-faced if you make claims you can’t back up.

Independent accreditations such as those on The Good Play Guide do wonders for communicating the quality and benefits of your products and that third-party recommendation is second only to personal word of mouth in influencing buying decisions.


Engage with your retailers

Make separate plans for online, in-store, and event-based activations.


Be authentic

Especially with your marketing activities – go to where your audience is, relate to them, help them solve problems in their daily lives, and build that trusted relationship so you build brand loyalty and don’t have to work so hard for your next product launch!

This may all sound like common sense but ...

It takes time and resources.

Getting help from the experts at FUNdamentally Children and Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide can help you at all stages of your product’s lifecycle to ensure it really does stand out from the crowd.