Six ways we can support your PR agency (and add credibility to your campaign)


Join us on the journey to make the world a more playful place!

Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide sets out to use our expert voice and independent research services to help support PR agencies.

We work closely with a range of different types of PR agencies from in-house PRs to agencies that typically have a wider client portfolio but are producing family-focused campaigns, and everything in-between.

There are a variety of services to choose from to meet your clients’ needs and requirements in a cost-effective and time-efficient way:

1. Add credibility to your campaign with an expert media spokesperson

Our independent experts are regulars in the media and we are often consulted by brands to comment on their products. By working with us, you can increase coverage and strengthen your messages organically, thus adding more credibility to your campaign.

Social media is an amazing platform to reach and grow an engaged audience for a lot of PR agencies. Our team of experts can assist you to reach further afield by joining or hosting live chats on Facebook, Clubhouse, Twitter, and more.

2. Get great lifestyle photos with experiential marketing

Put your client’s products into the hands of consumers with our Good Toy Zones. Ideal for letting parents “try before they buy”, you can include a range of products, from toys to parent products. At the same time, a photographer will be on hand to capture natural photos, perfect for social media sharing.

3. Increase visibility with recognised accreditations

Getting your clients’ products reviewed by our expert panel not only helps add credibility to your clients’ brand, but also enables you to improve media coverage with the use of our widely recognised Guide stamp.

Our expert panel includes child development experts, teachers, childminders, and children. Once the product is accredited by us it will also be featured on our consumer site. This allows you and your clients to achieve more wide-reaching results.

4. Grow your audience with expert content

Add valuable content to your site, blog, or news section or feature your client on our consumer site, trusted by parents for product reviews and advice. We feel that it’s crucial parents don’t feel sold to, so we focus on genuine advice and explain why a product may fit their needs, so they can make an informed purchase decision.

You can choose from our monthly themes to gain extra visibility as part of a wider campaign, or tailor your article to fit your client’s specific needs and audience. Plus, combine your content with giveaways for extra visibility.

5. Win more clients with market research and user testing

We know it’s essential to understand your clients’ products, competitors, market, and audience when pitching for business. Our team of child development experts enables you to place yourself in a credible position, by providing you with independent research and professional consultancy.

6. Gain confidence with our training programmes

We also provide training programmes for PR agencies with the aim to help you communicate more confidently and knowledgeably about the target audience and the product development of your client. This allows agencies to be in a strong position where your materials can resonate with the needs of your clients’ target audience.


Our team of experts can help to advise, guide, and support you and your clients’ needs with our great expertise and knowledge about child development, play, and parenting. We are always happy to chat with you to discuss your needs and suggest bespoke provisions to help you create that campaign to rival all others.

To find out how our research, consultancy, and training services can help you develop quality toys with great play value, get in touch with the team today.