Understand what
consumers think and why

Feedback on early designs, prototypes, packaging, marketing is critical to your success. 

Finding out not just what your target audience thinks, but why. 

Developing your initial designs with input from your target audience will save time and budget later when it could be too late.  

What's involved?

Facilitate a discussion with a group of parents or children to understand their opinions on a topic, idea, or product. This can be carried out in person or online.

See some of our past projects


Focus group and user testing for a new children’s media brand

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(formerly DHX Brands)

Development evidence-based retail and licensing initiative, First Steppers

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Parent interviews to support the marketing of Aquadoodle

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Focus groups are just one of our research tools

Competitor Analysis

Research carried out by one of our experts to identify the key features of competitor brands.

Branded Surveys

De-risk product development with feedback directly from your target market.