Access a wider range of
trusted and endorsed expertise

As an extension to the team we often collaborate with a number of fantastic individuals who share the same vision as us, for this reason, we have created the Good Play Guide Associates Network to allow our clients to tap into a wider range of expertise to help meet your objectives!

How do we work with our associates?

We value our Associates and enjoy collaborating with them.

Our collaboration provides our clients with a wider range of expertise to draw upon, resulting in cohesive solutions with the reassurance that the backing of Fundamentally Children provides.

We also trust our Associates to work with clients by mutual referrals and, should our clients need services that we feel our Associates are best placed to deliver without our involvement, we will refer them on.

Giving our clients the best service in the most cost-effective manner is our prime objective and we are delighted to have such a talented network of Associates to help us deliver this. 


Valeria Miglioli

Pumpkin Projects Design Consultant / Creative Director & Founder

Joanna Scott

Joanna Scott Illustration

Media Production and Digital

Rabiah Coon

More Than Work Podcast Host
and Creator

Parenting and Education

Acey Holmes

Solve Learn Play, Founder
and Speech-Language Pathologist

Tonina Llull


Lorraine Allman

Can-Do Child - Author, Educator, and International Consultant

Karen Jesnick Maginn

Play Therapist, Clinical Supervisor,
Trainer & Facilitator

Lucy Alexandra Spencer

Education Boutique

Debi John

Executive Director of Play Healing CIC

PR and Licensing

Ruth Clement

Director and Founder at
Consumer Fluent Group Ltd

Research and Consumer Insight

Jillian Lakritz

Jillian Lakritz LLC

Quality and Toy Safety

Wendy Phillips

Toy Safety Experts