Area of expertise: Parenting and Education

Acey Holmes,

Founder/Owner of Solve Learn Play and BoredLess 

Associate Bio

Acey is a creative and dedicated professional with a passion for ensuring learning through play for all children.

Acey is the founder and owner of Solve Learn Play (SLP). She created SLP in 2020 after years of witnessing children with speech/language disorders struggle to be successful with and fully enjoy STEM-based toys, games, and apps.

She has a Bachelor of Science in the Education of Deaf Children from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Longwood University. Post graduate work includes self-study in corporate social responsibility, data analysis, benefits of play, and leadership/mentorship in addition to clinical topics.

Acey has been working with children and their families to meet speech and language goals through play for almost twenty years. She leads successful and well-received virtual and (when safe) in-person workshops on clinical and professional topics. Acey is a natural at building rapport with and understanding children (and their families) including those with exceptional needs. This skill makes her ideal for analyzing playful products to make them accessible for all children.

Acey has a bright, relatable energy that transfers to well-received playful presentations and experiences making her an excellent choice to enhance corporate team building and motivational programming as well as enjoyable and engaging learning breaks at professional conferences.

She is a Genius of Play Ambassador for The Toy Association. She currently serves her graduate school alma mater by serving as chairperson for the Advisory Committee for the Communications Sciences and Disorders department. She also serves as the Program Faciliator for Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment.

Acey enjoys living in Colorado with her family and taking full advantage 300 days of sunshine that make the hiking, skiing, cycling, and extensive outdoor play abundant. If she and her family are indoors, you can find them playing board games, video games, or building with LEGO bricks or Plus blocks. She also reads many books for pleasure and professional development.

Current / Notable Projects

  •  BoredLess

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  • Tappity App

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  • Team building / Motivation

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