Area of expertise: Media Production & Digital

Rabiah Coon

More Than Work Podcast Host and Creator

Associate Bio

Rabiah Coon is the host of More Than Work, a weekly interview podcast where guests talk about how they found their self-worth outside of their job title and discuss what they do for work that represents their values or outside of their job.

She is also the Marketing Manger for an IT consultancy and a standup comedian based in London.

Current / Notable Projects

Set up an affiliate page on their website.

More Than Work podcast has just hit 70 episodes and has over 8000 downloads. It is a weekly podcast broken into seasons to allow for a one or two week break.

It is featured on Rabiah’s website,  which also features her comedy and writing.

Current / Previous Clients

Sweet Tooth Hotel (Dallas) affiliate, SquadCast affiliate

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