Area of expertise: Parenting and Education

Wendy Flink Levey

Founder of Wendy Levey Consulting

Associate Bio

Wendy Levey was born in California and spent her early school years in Connecticut. After moving to New York City she attended an 8 year co-ed school and graduated from an all girls secondary school before going to Wheelock, Bank St. and Columbia Teachers College for degrees in education.

Her own children went to co-ed and single sex schools in New York City. She has spent a life-time placing a plethora of multi-cultural, smart children from varied socio-economic backgrounds, some who grew up in New York City and even more that did not, in the best independent school possible for that child.

Wendy has served on the Boards of two independent schools, a college and a rehabilitation center, helping her to stay current with educational and societal trends. She has also been part of several films about getting into school: Nursery University directed by Mark Simon and Getting Into Kindergarten directed by Pam French.

Wendy Levey now consults full-time on all things education helping families with children from pre-school through high school in New York City, Westchester and Connecticut.


Current / Notable Projects

Wendy currently works with an independent school in NYC to make the kindergarten curriculum and delivery more relevant and socially equitable.
She also work with companies to help their employees traverse the school situation in NYC-private, public and parochial. 
Founder/Head of Wendy Levey Consulting, all things education from preschool through high school.
Wendy is passionate that education is a lifelong journey and that the more strategic you are about it, the better equipped you will be to survive and thrive with grit and purpose in this complicated world we all live in.

Current / Previous Clients

Wendy’s clients are primarily families from all over the world:
St. Martin,
the Philippines,
South America,
and of course the US.

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