Expert-led agency
specialising in
child development,
play and parenting

Why work with us?

Raise awareness and consumer loyalty for your family facing brand using experts in child development, play and parenting.  

The provision of quality assurance via independent reviews of children‘s products and services, will stand your brand apart from your competitors.  

Whilst support in trade and consumer marketing to communicate the developmental benefits of products and services will build trust in your brand.  

Research and Insight

Focus Groups

A discussion with a group of parents or children to understand their opinions on a topic, idea, or product.


De-risk product development with feedback directly from your target market.

Product Testing

Product tested in natural settings to provide authentic feedback

Competitor Analysis

Research carried out by our experts to identify the key features of competitor brands.

Impact Evaluation

An in-situ study to identify the benefits for the children of using your product Consumer Trends Research carried out by our experts to identify the key issues within current consumer behaviour.

Consumer Trends

Research carried out by one of our experts to identify the key themes of current consumer trends.



Seminars, workshops and immersion sessions to upskill your team.

Lesson Plans

User-friendly activity plans to extend learning and help teachers make the most of the product in the classroom.

Brand Audit

A review of your product range to identify the benefits of your products and identify areas for new product development .



Reviews are an essential part of any marketing plan, but comprehensive evaluation by experts in child development and play, as well as by children themselves, will make your reviews, and in turn, your products, stand out from the crowd.

Marketing Support

Digital Brand Boosters

Build trust in your brand and raise awareness of your products’ benefits to our engaged audience.

Experiential Marketing

See your products in the hands of your target market. Maximise the impact with sampling opportunities, professional photos/videos, social media activity and customer feedback.

Seasonal Support

Amplify your messaging by joining our shared seasonal brand support packages - hitting four key beats (Easter, Summer, Back To School and Christmas) to reach your customers during these key buying periods..

Seedling Programme

Support for Startups

Seedling Programme:
Support for Start Ups

A holistic package of support for new businesses in the children’s industry, including testing and consultancy. Members are able to access support at a discounted rate, with startup-friendly payment terms to help manage cash flow.