Experiential Marketing
at BlogOn Kids 2022

This year’s 2022 BlogOn Kids was a playful and fun-filled success for all!

Kids influencers created premium content with our client’s brands which hold our esteemed Good Toy Guide lifetime accreditation.

Good Play Guide experts promoted clients’ captivating products such as STEM classic Geomag, the beloved and evergreen Sylvanian Family and Golden Bear’s newest innovation Curlimals. TOMY attended in the arts & crafts area with the delightful brands; Jixelz, Aquadoodle, Megasketcher and the hugely popular Hey Clay! Additionally, Naylors Activity Tunnel and Wilton Bradley’s Water Wall proved a smash hit.

The kids and adults (big kids) discovered the playful benefits of all the Good Toys, while we created influencer and professional content demonstrating the children enjoying our clients’ products.

Showcasing products at events

An event like BlogOn Kids is a fantastic way to promote your product. Toy brands, kid influencers and industry professionals can create content and actively play with toys, both classic and new. 

Fun days out have been proven to increase memory performance. So, what’s a better way for whole families to remember your brand?

The “kidfluencer” social media marketing industry is expected to grow to $15 billion by the end of 2022. Yet a crucial concern in this growing market is protecting children by ensuring they interact with safe, fun and developmentally beneficial toys. 

Why should you work with FUNdamentally Children?

Finding representation which has the best interests of your brand, and your consumers can feel like an endless task.

That’s why 200+ companies choose FUNdamentally Children and Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide.

With a team of child development, parenting and play experts, we champion products which make a positive difference to the lives of children. The Good Play Guide is our independent, trusted review site featuring Good Toys,Good Apps and baby products.  Eachhave been independently reviewed by children as well as professionals.

Using our expert voice, being represented by us at events like BlogOn Kids will raise awareness of your product’s quality assurance. 

We work with brands to maximise what you can gain from events, what message you would like to deliver and how we deliver it correctly.

Other services we can offer you

Events are just a portion of how we can help you raise engaged awareness of your product’s benefits and consumer loyalty. 

Check out our Digital Brand Boosters or Experiential Marketing packages where we can help build trust in your brand and maximise the impact of seeing your products in the hands of consumers.

Perhaps you need our Seasonal Support to hit the ground running during the four key beats (Easter, Summer, Back to School + Christmas). We’re here to amplify your message for your needs.

Find out more about our other services in accreditation, research, marketing, consultancy and more from our highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Find out more about our other services in accreditation, research, marketing, consultancy and more from our highly skilled and experienced professionals.