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Nourhan Bassam

GamingX Founder I Feminist Urbanist I Placemaking Consultant

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A city enthusiast, a feminist Urbanist, and a community lover, who wants to activate communities and build an inclusive sustainable cities for people, She is advocating for Placemaking and Playmaking ideas to activate the role of communities to shape their lives.

Ph.D. Candidate at the Architectural Department at Cairo University with the scope of sustainable communities, resilient cities, and social inclusivity. I explore local informants’ attitudes towards public participation and placemaking through informal interviews and conversations. Based on the theoretical framework, gathered ethnographic data, and qualitative analyses, Consequently, propose a placemaking framework as a citizen-centered approach to urban planning, design, and management.

Highlighting how to conduct a real citizen-empowered public participation that turns these ideas into concrete, understandable and engaging improvements in the places we live in. Identifying the potential of the added value of collaborative placemaking brings to urban planning practices.

Founder of “GamingX” a think tank that enables urbanists and placemakers to develop and create play spaces and active urban places in the city focusing on underrepresented kids and Girls. “A PlacePlay” Toolkit soon will be published.

Analyzing “post-growth” and “de-growth” to identify and examine planning and policy approaches that move beyond the imperative of perpetual economic growth. Helping to propose widespread economic justice, social well-being, and ecological regeneration towards planning theories and practices that can break the cyclical process of urban expansion, crises, and recovery that negatively affect ecosystems and human lives.

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