Area of expertise: Quality and Toy Safety

David Esral

Epsilon Safety & Quality Consulting

Associate Bio

Are you having trouble dealing with Amazon safety and quality demands? 

David has helped hundreds of Amazon sellers deal with Amazon’s safety testing requirements, including:
1. helping them understand why Amazon won’t accept their test reports and safety documents and solving the problem,
2. getting all of their testing and documentation done from start to finish,
3. developing a testing plan for their full product line so that they can simultaneously save money and have all their testing in place before a crisis. This also helps identify failures before the shipment is manufactured in large scale, shipped and paid for, so that corrections can be made and the product will pass all safety requirements.

David has also managed the ISO 17025 accredited quality systems of ALM Corporation (a supplier of engineering plastic resins to the automotive, furniture, tool and other industries) and Benchmark Laboratories, a laboratory that tests toys, children’s jewellery, and other children’s products to meet safety and industry regulations, including setting up the initial Benchmark quality system and attaining its ISO 17025 accreditation, maintaining both laboratory’s accreditations, and upgrading both systems to the newest version of ISO 17025:2017. This includes auditing, corrective actions and preventive actions, quality improvement and formulation advice.

Current / Notable Projects

  • Started a toy/children’s products testing lab, brought it to ISO 17025 accreditation, CPSC approval, and a few years later, sale to a multinational consumer product testing lab.
  • Counseled countless Amazon sellers in cases where Amazon wouldn’t accept their test reports. He identified the issues, solved them and got their listings back up. Some had their listings down for six months or more before they found me.
  • Organized testing plans for children’s products that were both comprehensive and economical.
  • Solving the same safety, testing and other regulatory issues for Amazon sellers as mentioned in “Notable Projects.”
  • Developing comprehensive and economical testing plans for all kinds of children’s products.

Current / Previous Clients

Due to the nature of David’s work, he has chosen to keep his clients’ names confidential.

Some have written recommendations for David that are available on his LinkedIn profile.

David has worked with all manners of children’s products, and both very large and tiny companies.

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